Jedi Mind Block

Whenever I have a song stuck in my head, the magical power of humming the Gremlins theme song saves me. It’s the weirdest thing. The theme song doesn’t ever get stuck in my head past a couple minutes and when it goes, it takes the other song with it.

This trick doesn’t work for my flatmate Dave, so mileage may vary. Does anyone else have a similar strategy? Apparently chewing on cinnamon sticks is a folk remedy.

4 thoughts on “Jedi Mind Block”

  1. Specifically, singing the following along to it:

    “Look at that old man
    I think that he has got a disease
    And look over there
    That anaconda is very large”

  2. Swifty: I’d think you were full of crap if I had not heard you sing that exact same song back in the super room days.

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