Pirates Have the Best Conventions

Ah, a political party of which I would be proud to be a member: the Pirate Party.

Newly formed, it’s tenets are:

  • Reform copyright law to decriminalize noncommercial sharing, limit copyright to five years, and ban DRM.
  • Refom patent law to curb excesses and again limit the granted monopoly to five years.
  • A return to pre-9/11 privacy rights and hopefully better.

Plus you get to be a card-carrying pirate.

Now, this seems like a very small and narrow plank to promote, even to me. But whatever, third parties are great. There are so many angles to approach politics. It boggles my mind that people are satisfied with merely two views of the world.

Imagine for a second that America woke up and started using the Condorcet method. Then so much pressure would be off third parties. Not only could they start fielding candidates even if that candidate didn’t have a very good shot, but they could field multiple candidates.

We might see a proliferation of single-issue third parties like the PP that could simply endorse candidates in various races as meeting their approval. So Jane Doe could run not just as “the Pirate Party candidate,” but as a candidate endorsed by the Pirate Party, the Libertarians, and the Party For People Named Jane. Kinda like open ballot voting, but from the other end.

Anyway, I should give a shout out to FairVote for consistently pushing for better voting systems in the US. If I had to be pigeonholed as a single-issue voter, it would probably be for more representative voting.

2 thoughts on “Pirates Have the Best Conventions”

  1. Now, this seems like a very small and narrow plank to promote

    And we will make our enemies walk it. Yarr.

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