Red Hat Summit

You may not understand why anyone would want to join a party of self-described pirates. How could I want to grab bread from artists’ mouths or see the harm in DRM?

Thankfully, the Red Hat Summit is going on right now, and their videos of speakers happen to explain it for me.

I particularly recommend Cory Doctorow’s (of BoingBoing fame) speech. His is an accessible review of copyright and the evils of its misapplication.

Red Hat is doing some interesting non-OS stuff these days. There’s the One Laptop Per Child project, trying to make a rugged $100 laptop that will facilitate childhood exploration. It pleasantly reminds me of A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

They also just launched Mugshot, for which I have yet to either receive a login or wrap my head around. But it seems interestingly ambitious for a traditional Linux company.

Update: It doesn’t rain but it pours. Lawrence Lessig just gave an interview in the Guardian about copyright.