I’m a big fan of footnotes and found this interesting; so I’m passing it along.

The Chicago Manual of Style recommends the following symbols for sequential footnotes (in section 12.51 of the 14th edition):

  1. *
  2. §
  3. ||
  4. #
  5. **
  6. ††
  7. ‡‡
  8. and so on…

I’ve seen elsewhere (in Churchill so maybe it’s a British thing) and in Docutils the replacement of || with ¶.

The boring old MLA says to just use numbers.

3 thoughts on “Footnotes”

  1. The Chicago Manual of Style, hm? Sounds like some pretentious fashion editorial.

    In any event, I’ve always preferred numbers myself. Mostly because I lose track of all those little asterisks after awhile.

    Does that make me boring, too? :-/

  2. The whole point is that you don’t need to keep track of asterisks; there are all those other symbols to provide relief! 🙂

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