Grendel’s Den

My flatmate Nick has found a great new bar/restaurant called Grendel’s Den. It’s in Harvard Square and it’s really nice.

The food is nothing to write home about, though they do have a nice variety of vegetarian items, if that’s your thing. What really gets me is their disposition to offering food at half-price. From 5 to 7:30 all week and additionally 9 to 11:30 on school nights, food is half off given a $3 drink tab (at least one beer). And the food is moderately priced in the first place.

We were there Saturday night and they even gave us the deal during non-specified hours. For five people, our food tab came to just $17. It was crazy. We literally didn’t know what to do. None of us had bills small enough to cover our portion.

Point is, it’s a neat place and the home of our new weekly Canasta Club.

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