Somerville Declared a Planet

satellite image of Somerville

Ever since creating Planet Mikix, I mentally toyed with the idea of other slices of virtual communities in planet form. One thought that stuck with me was a planet for Somerville residents. So I’ve finally gone ahead with it: I give you Somerplanet.

The shared culture and locale should make it interesting and relevant to people in and around Somerville. I’ve seeded it with a pretty random smattering of blogs I found out there. No endorsement or favoritism implied. If you belong, let me know.

I’d like to add hackergotchis, but obviously I don’t know most of you people. Please send some in!

One cool feature is a little map of somerville with dots for locations of bloggers on the planet. I only know a few, due to the scarcity of ICBM tags out there. But it would be neat to see the map light up.

Hopefully Somerplanet ends up being interesting or useful. I’m not sure how to keep the number of member feeds/posts manageable, but it’s a work in progress, so we’ll see.

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