Two New Releases


Xpad 3.0 is released. The release itself is rather minor: I fixed an xpad-is-waking-up-40-times-each-second bug noticed by Sergej Schwarz. Thanks, Sergej!

The more interesting changes are operational. I’ve moved the project largely to Launchpad, following my successful move of Multiplication Puzzle. Code and tarballs are up. The mailing list isn’t yet, but it will come. Translations will be done there too, now that I’ve been kicked out of the Translation Project.

As part of the move away from Sourceforge, I decided to move the main xpad website to this domain. I simplified it a bit, to give it the same look and feel as the rest of the site. I don’t think much was lost. The previous site was sort of crufty.

I also relicensed the code to be GPL v3 and changed the versioning scheme to match Multiplication Puzzle’s: feature or major bug fixes get a major version bump, translation and packaging fixes get a minor version bump. The previous scheme didn’t make sense anymore.

Multiplication Puzzle

Multiplication Puzzle 7.0 is released. This finally brings my vision for 6.0 to fruition. I added the ability to guess letters by either pressing keys on the keyboard or dragging and dropping digits to letters. I worked around the nasty gdk bug by just forcing a larger drag icon and making most of it transparent. So the user never knows they’re dragging around a 64×64 icon. Yay!

I also added a Hint menu item that will tell you one digit and added a game timer, for extra urgency.