13 thoughts on “Déjà Dup adds support for Ubuntu One”

  1. In what is it different of backuping in the “Ubuntu One” folder ?

    Second question, if I backup in Ubuntu One. Will my backup be synchronized on all my computers (it would be very disk consuming).

    Thx in advance.

  2. Florian, it’s different from backing up to the “Ubuntu One” folder because that folder is always synchronized on all your computers.

    But if you Deja Dup’s Ubuntu One support, it will create a new cloud folder that is not (by default) synchronized to your computers. Thus, it doesn’t waste space duplicating the same bits on all your machines.

  3. Hi!

    This is a very cool feature! Nice job. 🙂

    I working on to translate Deja Dup to my language, but I can’t testing it. Where are Deja Dup’s .mo files in an Ubuntu (11.10) system?

    Thanks, keep the good work.

  4. Hi Rodriquez, and thanks for translating!

    If you spoke Spanish, for example, you would want to install language-pack-gnome-es and you would then find the .mo file here:


  5. Ah, the help files don’t use .mo files. They are shipped with the deja-dup executable right now (though they shouldn’t be… they should be in one of the langpack packages — I’m looking into that).

    Look in /usr/share/gnome/help/deja-dup/

  6. Does it take up cloud space (eg. part of the free 5GB) or is this an exception.

    I went to the U1 cloud online and it said that the file existed but there is no data (or really small)

    What is it

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