Splash Damage is Insane

I have recently discovered the joy that is Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It is a completely free game created by Splash Damage and planned to be published by Activision. However, Activision canned it at the last moment, and not wanting to waste a good thing, Splash Damage released the game for free in 2003.

The game is multiplayer-only, featuring more of the same of Return to Castle Wolfenstein’s multiplayer component. There are not many changes: some streamlined classes, the addition of experience, and more complicated objective-based maps. Experience, while sounding cool, doesn’t work so well in practice, as it discourages class-changing and creates a disadvantage to the new player. Nonetheless, it is an eminently enjoyable game which, again, is free.

Did I mention that it is available for both Linux and Windows? For free?

Speaking of games that are available for Linux, I was enticed into playing Savage, a novel FPS/RTS game whose demo impressed me enough to pay $20 for the real deal. I was also impressed that they let me pay them directly and download the game — a more convenient method for me and a more profitable method for them.

However, I was not impressed when a few months after I bought it, they release a new, incompatible patch only for Windows. There is a workaround for Linux, but it involves third party software and is a little complicated. The rumor is that their Linux developer left the company, and they are incapable or uninterested in picking up his work. Needless to say, I’m disappointed and will take my Linux gaming to ET.