Xpad 2.0

Xpad 2.0 is finally out. After dragging my heels, I fixed the last couple known bugs and packaged it up. This release doesn’t feature much more than a couple minor bug fixes, but the changes from 1.13 to 2.0 are significant.

In particular, this is the first stable release to offer a binary package, in the form of an autopackage. I’ve tried it out, obviously, and it is pretty slick. You get a nice dialog while it installs, and it makes user installs very easy without root access.

I will probably take a break from my pet programming projects for a while to focus on GNOME a bit more. I miss being a part of that. (Well, maybe a little gmult work…)

2 thoughts on “Xpad 2.0”

  1. Hello Guy, When will implement a xml saving method ?
    I would like to use the wpad’s note in my intranet, or sync with the ones I have in my office computer… if they were xml formated, I could write xslt template to print them, wisualize them in html etc….

    Do you plan to use xml in you application ?

  2. I don’t plan to use XML, no. The pads are stored in ~/.xpad/content-*, however. You could still grab them and do something with them. I’m not sure where XML would need to come in.

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