Blast from the Past

I randomly stumbled upon PlanetQuake the other day, and it reminded me of an old project of mine. Back in 1999, while in high school, I wrote a mod for Quake II called RPS. It was the shit, let me tell you. Or, I could let my 16-year-old self tell you.

When I started that project, being offered hosting on PlanetQuake was like going pro; I felt on top of the world. I went by the tongue-in-cheek handle Stalker and waxed awesome about a never-to-be-completed bot AI. Being a kid was great. The game never caught on, though (I was ahead of my time).

Around that same time, I was a member of a mildly successful clan for Action Quake2 called CJW. I later formed a short-lived, concurrent clan specializing in throwing knives called KGB. The Quake II era was kind to me.

One thought on “Blast from the Past”

  1. I couldn’t let this go without commenting – man these were good times in my life. w00t CJW!

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