We’re Coming For Ya

My friends and I would like to go swimming occasionally at the university pools. We’re casual swimmers and did it mostly for the excercise. Being gamer addicts, we couldn’t help inventing various games to play with the lanes and balls we brought with us. We were considering penning L balls, M lanes, N people, a book of pool games indexed by resources in terms of balls, open lanes, and people present.

One of our favorites was a game called We’re Coming For Ya for five people, two lanes, and one ball. You will need a small ball, about the size and consistency of a racquetball. There are two rotating teams of three and two people. The team of two (the defense) guards one end of the lanes. The team of three (the offense) starts halfway down the lanes.

Only the offense can score in a round. Their goal is to touch the guarded end wall with the ball. If the ball is ever free floating or is held by someone whose head is underwater, the offense loses that round. Players are not allowed to hold onto the sides of the lane. The offense announces the start of a round by shouting, We’re coming for ya!

Gameplay ends up being a sort of water American football. The defense tries to viciously dunk the offensive line, trying to bury the person who is holding the ball. It is not always clear who has the ball, since it can be held underwater. In fact, it is to the offensive team’s advantage to obscure the location of the ball by holding and passing it underwater. If a thrown pass is missed, the offense loses the round, because the ball will be free floating.

At the end of a round, teams rotate. The person who actually scored the point for the offense stays on the offense and the other four people change teams. If the defense won, the person who is directly responsible for dropping the ball is on defense along with one of their teammates chosen randomly (we usually played RPS). Anyone on the offensive team when they score gets a point, and at the end of the game, the individual who earned the most points wins the coveted MVP award.