Privateer Remake

In my formative years, I possessed a great fondness for Wing Commander: Privateer. For those unfamiliar, it uses the usual Wing Commander engine but throws out the linear plot typical of the series. You can be a merchant, pirate, or… Well, just a merchant or a pirate, I guess.

Point is, the game is awesome. Thanks to Slashdot, I discovered that a reimplementation of the game has been released. It seems to use all the original art, but with a more modern engine underneath. The legal status of that is not clear to me, but I presume this goes beyond fair use. I’ve played it and it’s very, very faithful to the original.

There are versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you’re looking for a good waste of time, try it out.

4 thoughts on “Privateer Remake”

  1. I am so mad. I just got to the word-limit of the textbox, hit backspace, but i was out of focus apparently and so i went back and lost my post. Anyway, i saw the post on /., and it made me think of good times with privateer in your room. Do you remember that effing level we couldn’t get past? You totally know what I’m talking about…dare i say phantom missiles?!?! did you ever get past it??
    i want to play again…but that level still inspires fear….

  2. Hey, Tony. 🙂

    I remember getting stuck on this one stage, but I don’t remember the phantom missiles. As I recall, the saved game was in the middle of this one mission from which we didn’t have enough fuel, weaponry, or armor to return. The goal was picking up some alien artifact, I think.

    I intend to avenge that save.

  3. Wait a sec. Are you thinking of Wing Commander IV with Mark Hammil? I remember playing that and seeing phantom missiles that we had to shoot down before they struck a convoy we were defending. That was a bitch.

  4. I do remember Wing Commander IV, and Mark Hammil of course. 🙂 And i remember that mission – yes, that was indeed a bitch. But I thought the aliens were shooting missiles that were phantom-esque – or maybe just alien missiles i guess. I just remember cursing them out repeatedly over and over again. Good luck on the avenging – please capture it so i can feel the vindication as well. We need to figure out how to play some cool hot-seat space fighter games again soon.

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