Kingdom of Loathing

If I died tomorrow having never told anyone how awesome Kingdom of Loathing is, it would be a total dick move.

I’ve been playing it for about a week, after Swifty showed it to me. It’s a simple online RPG in which you are allotted a certain amount of adventures every real-life day. You can spend those adventures in the game to go on quests, craft cocktails of incredible splendor, or blow wads of meat, the common currency, in the casino.

What makes the game for me is the great sense of humor. For example, a monster scientist will attack you and you may see He tries to blind you with science, but you dodge like poetry in motion. There will be all sorts of references to NetHack and D&D mixed in with puns and limericks.

In exchange for showing off its own creativity, the game asks you to lay some on the table. There will be puzzles and quests for which you may be told you need a certain characteristic, like not minding a very bad smell. It is up to you to figure out what item you need and how to craft it. Laid on top of all that are various missions and tasks that give a sastifying Progress Quest feel.

It’s free and addictive. What could go wrong?