On Irony

Irony is great. I love it; people love it. But it has a shelf life akin to already-rotten cheese. It is not meant for the long haul.

Take by way of example your everyday lawn gnome. You are in Michaels. You see a lawn gnome and joke about buying one. Well played, sir. You got as much as you are likely to get out of that joke. If you take it a bit further and buy a lawn gnome in an ironic fashion, you better hell ass be throwing that gnome out as soon as you have your receipt. Putting that gnome on your lawn because it “so isn’t you” makes it you.metal fist

Another example of irony gone wrong is my LJ icon, a copy of one of the fifteen photos which rotate as portraits on the top left of my log pages. This particular one is me doing a “metal” fist and rocking out. This isn’t really what I’m like but is funny in an ironic way, particularly in the small dose of 1-in-15-page-views. Having this as my only icon is a bad idea, since it is the first and only impression an LJ reader will have of me. But, whatever. I’m full of bad ideas.

Point is, once you stop mocking something and start living it, it is no longer irony.