CD Metadata

OK, so I haven’t looked into this very much, but it seems to me that the CD format is terrible. The civilized world has gone to great extents in order to provide systems to query large user-maintained databases scattered across the Internet. These databases then tell your computer what the artist and title of the song are. This information is not five feet across the room on the back of the CD case.

It seems to me like the manufacturers of the CDs could put a little something-something in the CD to cue players to what’s up. I assume that putting some junk data inbetween tracks wouldn’t work very well, as old players would try to play them.

However, what about putting all the metadata for the CD in a data track after the end of the CD audio stuff? That way, old players would just see the end of audio, but new players could scan for it and load it up front. Everyone wins, and I am a genius.

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  1. I’m not totally sure, but I believe some cds can already do this and that it is called “CD TEXT.” Sorry, man, it’s been done.

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