Music Lessons

I’ve been using Rhythmbox for a while — in particular, I’ve been using its auto-rating feature that sharp readers will remember I wrote. My rated playlist doesn’t harbor many surprises. I’ve never been able to properly answer the question, “What music do you like?” beyond the knee-jerk reaction of “Why, MC Copulation‘s sex rap, of course!” So, I’ve got stuff of all genres floating around. Some would call it a lack of taste; I prefer the term eclectic. I’d had hoped that auto-rating would be a bit more informative, but I guess getting what I expected means that it’s working. 🙂

However, I have noticed one band’s meteoric rise through the ranks. It seems I like Modest Mouse a lot. I never seem compelled to skip one of their songs. Wikipedia labels them an indie rock band, of the Neo-Wave variety. Even after reading their Neo-Wave (also hilariously called Newer Wave) page, I’m still not sure what it’s all about, but I do like the other bands listed. So I guess when I’m asked now, I can mysteriously say, “Neo-Wave.”

Curiously, the one song of Modest Mouse’s that is rated poorly on my Rhythmbox is “Teeth Like God’s Sunshine.” So, yeah. Take that for what it’s worth.

2 thoughts on “Music Lessons”

  1. I would argue with Wikipedia’s description of Modest Mouse, if only because they started in the early- to mid-90’s as a band very much a part of the northwestern indie rock circuit (see also: Built To Spill, 764-HERO, etc.) and have only popped up on the airwaves recently due to the radio’s own gradual shift away from mook-rock; bands like, say, The Hives would seem to me to have an existence more easily correlatable to any sort of recent genre-as-reactionary-movement. Also, Modest Mouse’s earlier work is a little more bleak and stark, and I find it hard to believe that, say, “Grey Ice Water” would be lumped in with the sort of bombast that Wikipedia seems to associate with Neo-Wave. Then again, I sure don’t know what to tell people when they ask what sort of music I like, so maybe you’re better off ignoring me. (Also, consider me flattered by the first paragraph.)

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