Howliday Traditions

So another Howliday came and went. Pull up a chair and listen to the tenets of this ancient holiday.

First, as I mentioned last year, if you’ve been good this year, the Banshee Queen hopefully left a year’s reprieve under your pillow. Better go check.

Second, I hope you put out your Banshee Effigies. They have a rich tradition that I would hate to see spoiled. You see, youngster, back in, oh, the turn of the century, people would tether out the oldest and frailest member of the family in the yard as an offering to the Banshee Queen.

As time went on and modern sensibilities being what they are, folks started putting out effigies of the family member instead. Since families were still closely allied with a particular occupation like blacksmith or janitor, they would dress the effigy appropriately. The Banshee Queen was not much pleased with the replacement and was wont to punish such a lackadaisical air.

It didn’t take long for a clever wit to come up with idea of dressing the effigy as the neighbor’s occupation. A bit of the ol’ misdirection you see.

And that’s how the Banshee Effigies came to be. Garishly stereotyped dolls tethered in the front lawn to appease the Banshee Queen. And now you know … the rest of the story.

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  1. That phrase worked up until very recently, but unfortunately the turn of the century is now just 5 years ago.

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