Words I Like

I had been planning on making a t-shirt with a tag cloud of some of my favorite words wrapping all around it.

It being too difficult for me to get my act together, I’d thought I’d share the list of words I came up with for posterity. These were not chosen for much beyond the sound of the word itself. The weights given to the words are somewhat random.

acute amble banana cadaver clandestine contextual ember endeavor entropy
erstwhile finagle happenstance havoc hitherto hoist loll maladjusted malice
malign manic mince nada nautilus oblong omnivore oy panties
pedantic pique sanguine serendipity singe slather slaver slither sly smarmy smother
squeamish surreptitious tap toil tweak upon viscous whorl

2 thoughts on “Words I Like”

  1. I never thought I’d see “entropy” and “panties” so close together. Come to think of it, I’m actually surprised I hadn’t before. ^_^`

    You should hear Word Disassociation by Lemon Demon; there’s a neat video as well that can be found on Google Video. It might give you some more ideas.

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