Vote for the New Gnome Game

The list of possible new games for GNOME has been finalized.

And yup, my game Multiplication Puzzle is on there! I’d be pretty pumped if it was chosen.

Reasons Why GNOME Should Marry Multiplication Puzzle

  • There aren’t any other math games in Gnome Games.
  • Games are short, fitting in with the stated Gnome Games goal of “simple but addictive — five minute games for when you need a break.”
  • It’s already pretty GNOME-ish. It’s simple, uses basic GTK+ widgets, and fits the HIG.
  • I’m already a somewhat involved GNOME hacker, having contributed my first patch in 2003 and since obtained CVS write access. I’m here for the long maintenance haul.

But everybody go vote, even if not for Multiplication Puzzle. It’s important to have a good sampling of GNOME users.

One thought on “Vote for the New Gnome Game”

  1. I voted for multiplication puzzle… mainly because it’s the only thing I’d play out of those games. ^_^ (Come on, another sudoku clone?)

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