Funny Farm Puzzle Game

I want to share this neat word puzzle game I found.

It’s really quite fun, though difficult. Dave and I have been working through it together, with occasional help from anyone else that will try it out. You should definitely have at least a couple people working on it. The game makes it easy to share boards.

It’s basically a word association game, with a meta-puzzle as a win condition if you reach the corners of the word map. My big beef with it is its ridiculous “cheat detection” code that seems to kick in during the most innocuous moments. Just ignore it and press Back to resume.

I first saw this on Jamin Gray’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Funny Farm Puzzle Game”

  1. Wow, this one has us hopping. We were calling out words to each other this morning as we were getting ready for our day. First thing home from our day, we started up again. This is fun….thanks for the link…..Sharon, Peter and Daniel

  2. I’d ask you to post your game code so that we could merge games, but I just started and I have the feeling it would take the fun out of it. Why can’t we always start games at the same time??? /sarcasm

  3. So go ahead and post the code for how far you’ve gotten. Collaboration via interwebnet!

  4. Dave and I have got 10 screens open. I can send the code to you if you want, but you may want to get pretty far along by yourself to get a flavor for the game and such. But if you do want to hitch wagons, IM me.

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