Howliday Rules

In the tradition of creating Howliday traditions, our apartment had been brainstorming what this year’s would be. Figuring that in order to be consistent, if we were ever going to decide a date scheme (what day Howliday falls in a given year), the sooner the better. Otherwise we’d lock ourselves in.

The first Howliday occurred on Dec. 14, 2004. The second, according to the only public record of it, occurred sometime before the 15th.

The obvious answer is that Howliday falls on the 14th. But that’s too obvious. So instead, we opted for the first Tuesday after the 10th. This would make Dec. 14th, 2004; Dec. 13th, 2005; and Dec. 12th, 2006.

I know Tuesday is a school night, but no one says you can’t celebrate it on the weekend too…

So there you go. Mark your calendars!