Just after midnight on Saturday night, my flatmates and I stood outside the Target down the road, waiting in line with 30 other people for a Wii. We were 17 out of 24 people to get a Wii. It’s super awesome.

We bought three games: Zelda, Red Steel, and Monkey Ball. Zelda is amazing. The art style is awesome, and the game play is very good. We consistently say, “Oh my god, look what we’re doing.”

Red Steel is hard to get into because of the sensitive control scheme, the bad dialog, and the not amazing graphics. But, I’m holding onto hope for it.

Monkey Ball is Monkey Ball. Not much different, except that as soon as you play it, you realize that it was born before its time. It was meant to played on the Wii. You just tilt your controller to tilt the level and it feels wholly natural. They give you 50 minigames right off the bat. Which is bad, because there was a glut of choices, and not all the games are good. I’d rather have 4 good ones than 50 meh ones.

Wii Sports, with which the Wii comes, is absolutely fantastic. Its tennis game keeps us coming back, but we also dig on the golf and baseball modes. The games hit this perfect blend of complexity. All of them rely on a simple swing or motion with the remote and that’s it. But they seem to take so much into account of your swing that there is a lot of gameplay potential in just the one action you use.

One thing that has also really impressed us is the Mii functionality. This is where you get to create an avatar à la The Sims. It’s reasonably comprehensive and the results look so cute. The only game we have that uses them is Wii Sports. But it’s pretty funny to be punching your friend in the face with boxing gloves. Or to have your friends on your baseball team.

It adds a lot of personal investment to each game in a simple, cute way. You can also send your Miis to other consoles or put them into the internal memory of your remote to bring them to a friend’s.

I imagine that the next Animal Crossing will take good avantage of the Miis. Maybe even put the game’s characters into your Mii collection. It apparently (from a screenshot in the Wii manual) will use the console’s built in email/message board system to send messages rather than a built-in mechanism. Sounds like it will be a cool new take on the franchise.

Point is, we’re pretty happy with the Wii.

3 thoughts on “Wiikend”

  1. I waited eight hours at the local Circuit City with the guys to have the privilege of waiting another two hours to pay $250 for a video game system.

    I *love* the Wii. ^_^

  2. Just Wii Sports and the GameCube version of Zelda (I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to get a Wii). I don’t have high-speed internet atm, so we can’t really network… 😛

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