Excite Truck Review

I got Excite Truck for Christmas. It is pure adrenaline. Few other games have come as close to giving me heart attacks or require me to not play it too soon before bedtime.

It’s a nice spiritual successor to Excitebike. It has the same tilting-in-air mechanic and reward for landing on all wheels. It doesn’t let you edit tracks (sadly), but it does have in-game items that terraform the track on the fly.

There’s a multiplayer race mode, but only for two players and only in a head-to-head sense. No grand prix mode and no handicap settings. Still, it’s fun.

But we’ve mostly played single player, which is entertaining because there’s always more stuff to unlock. Using the classic Nintendo D-C-B-A-S ranking, Excite Truck won’t unlock the next single player mode until you get S rankings on all tracks — no small feat.

It also has this novel feature that lets you put mp3 songs on your SD card and set the soundtrack for various tracks. We figure this is largely intended to remind the player of how awesome the built-in soundtrack is.

The built-in songs are all thrashing metal and wailing guitars, which is totally appropriate for smashing other trucks or sailing through the air while a volcano erupts below you. Even knowing we can change the music, we choose not to.