Citadels Review

A game of Citadels

I recently bought the card game Citadels and have been very pleased with it.

I’d describe it as a simplified Puerto Rico with only one resource and secret role choices.

The hidden roles is a big deal. There are eight of them and each round, some are buried randomly and the rest are chosen in counterclockwise order. So you have some information about what upstream players chose, but you have to divine from what you know of them: are they the sort of players to put the poison into their own goblet, etc.

Figuring out what roles other people took is important, as several roles can ‘snipe’ other roles, but you have to declare a role to snipe, not a person, and hope you guessed right.

In addition to the guessing game of the roles, there is an interesting tension with what sort of buildings to develop. Constructing the same sort of buildings makes certain roles much more powerful for you but simultaneously more obvious.

As an added bonus, the game is even a fun play with just two players, which is a rare commodity. It supports up to eight.