Guh, Leave Iran Alone

Iraq to Iran

This administration is making me more and more nervous about Iran. After being repeatedly asked “Is it the position of this administration that it possesses the authority to take unilateral action against Iran, in the absence of a direct threat, without congressional approval?”, they continue to stonewall.

We’re deploying a second carrier group to the Persian Gulf right outside of their house, and the White House’s response is “I don’t believe it’s their backyard. I believe it is the ocean that also encompasses a whole series of other nations.” Oh, OK. I guess it’s not a show of force.

They keep drumming up rhetoric about their nuclear plans just like they did with Iraq, though the best non-US intelligence points to it being rather crude and years away from something dangerous, assuming they don’t just want nuclear power plants like everyone else gets.

The IAEA keeps saying that all this grandstanding and sanctions are making it harder to monitor them and keep them on the safe path. Rather, we’re forcing them to take a more extreme position.

I miss when we had diplomats.

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