Millions of Bees Launch

first bees strip

No, not another invasion of “Africanized” bees. Rather, my good friend Swifty has created a new webcomic, Millions of Bees.

Swift may already have a cult following from founding a previous comic Friend Bear. But unlike Friend Bear, I like Bees (sorry, Swift). I guess I like my comics like I like my coffee: covered in bees.

Bees has cutely snarky turns of phrases like “satchelful of dongs” and “such a crotch” as well as obscure references like to Naglfar. The lead character is a touch melodramatic, but I’ll forgive a lot for his jacket’s bear ears.

And thankfully, the webcomic tradition of mouse-over text was not overlooked. 🙂

Point is, I look forward to more. Swifty’s a great writer and a funny dude. Good luck!

One thought on “Millions of Bees Launch”

  1. Let us not overlook the fact that the entire thing is drawn by my friend Arthur, without whom this whole enterprise would be a whole lot uglier.

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