Wendy’s Changes

a Frosty

I was in a Wendy’s recently, and was pleasantly surprised.

First off, they now have vanilla Frosties. I didn’t get one, being too busy devouring my super-large regular Frosty, but I know a common question is “Why don’t they have more flavors?” Wikipedia tells me they are readying a Frosty Float for a March release. Curious.

Secondly, they have a line of deli sandwiches. Apparently, this has been around for a little while. I had the ham & swiss, which was tasty.

Finally, they had an employee walking the line, asking what everyone wanted. He would note this on a menu sheet, rip it off, and hand it to you. When you got to the front, you’d hand it to the cashier who would punch it in. Kind of a neat timesaver and lets you order without feeling like you’re holding up the line.

Point is, Frosty’s are so good.