CFL Sale at Tag’s

a CFL bulb

Just a PSA that Tag’s Hardware in Porter Square is having a really nice sale on CFL bulbs.

Because of some partnership with a “local energy company,” they’re selling 40-, 60-, 75-, and 100-watt CFL replacements for $1 each. $1 each!

These are good CFL bulbs too. They’re small (same size as incandescent bulbs) and don’t have the “delayed turn-on” effect I’ve seen in some other CFL bulbs.

Point is, go buy a bunch. They limit you to six bulbs at once, but you can just show up several times.

Now if only I could buy some CFL bulbs that work with dimmers…

One thought on “CFL Sale at Tag’s”

  1. Jen and I were recently at Home Depot near Good Time Emporium and they were selling packages of 6 bulbs (60W equivalent I think) for $3.97 plus a $2 coupon. They limited you to 3 packages a person, so that’s 18 bulbs for under $6.

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