Footnotes for WordPress

an asterisk

My penchant for footnotes ((Like this one)) has been recorded, so it’s no surprise that I often wish I used them more.

Online footnotes are somewhat obviated by links ((But not totally — asides are a lost art)). Now, they are easy enough to do stupidly ((Just put a little asterisk in and a line at the bottom of the post)), but if you want to create linked footnotes that go to the footnote and back, things get a little tricker ((For one, the links have to be unique across one’s entire blog, since any number of posts can be on the same page)).

So I searched around online for a good footnote plugin and found a decent one. Unfortunately, it used numbers, not symbols. I like symbols ((As was noted in the aforementioned post)).

Anyway, point is, I hacked up his code to add symbol support and am making it generally available ((The original license was very vague — seemingly public domain, so mine is too)). I tried to make the addition general purpose ((And I’ve included a symbol override option, if you don’t like the awesome defaults)), but it’s somewhat a hack.

One thing that I was a little surprised ((Alright, not that surprised)) to see missing from CSS was the ability to set custom strings for list items (for my symbols rather than numbers). But oh well, I just hide the list item markers and insert the symbol. Again, it’s gimpy, but you may gain some use of it.