A Tombstone in Every Home

Dave sent me a link today to a little something he whipped up. The punk.

In order to understand why it’s funny, you’d have to have known me around this time last year. In which I committed the third most classic blunder: mass mailing an incriminating email in which you rate all the recipients’ suitability for a task.

One of the more memorable lines was my statement “Amy: is she even fun to hang out with?” (name changed to protect the innocent) And hence I get that question a lot.

Not only did Dave create the one tombstone, but a tombstone generator. So I crafted my own.

2 thoughts on “A Tombstone in Every Home”

  1. I’m not sure if Diplomacy is dead and never to be spoken of again because of the diplomatic blunder you made, or because of a certain game of Diplomacy we played that must also never be spoken of again (by contract).

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