Ron Paul and War

So I’m a fan of Ron Paul‘s current bid for the Republican presidential nomination. For those that aren’t familiar, he’s a candidate from the more Libertarian side of the Republican party.

I think he’s largely considered a long shot, but in debates I’ve seen, he comes across as one of the more put-together candidates. His positions are often radical compared to the others, but they are thankfully not grounded in the warped logic, hollow sentiments, and obfuscation that occupy the Republican political landscape under Bush.

Paul self-identifies as a constitutionalist. Which is a breath of fresh air after the avidly anti-consititutionalism of Bush.

One quote from an appearance at Google (about 41:30 in) was interesting. After being asked about how he would handle defending other nations like Taiwan from attack, he said, first, that he would be in general against such wars of assistance, but then said something very interesting:

If Taiwan is attacked, the American Congress should deal with that. It shouldn’t be, “What are you going to do about Taiwan?” I shouldn’t even be asked that. It should be, “What does the American people want?”

That is an answer worthy of applause. What did ever happen to a small executive branch and Congress having the power of declaration of war? I almost forgot they existed.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul and War”

  1. As Ron Paul himself said during an interview, it’s kind of strange that abiding by the constitution would be considered radical.

  2. That’s more of a soundbite than an argument. One definition ( for radical: “advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs.”

    It seems perfectly reasonable to label his recommended course of action extreme and thus radical. The dude would like to drastically overhaul the executive branch’s role in our government (to a place that is admittedly closer to the spirit of the constitution).

  3. A friend of mine is all for Ron Paul, specifically for his near-Libertarian views; I approve of Paul’s candor and active campaign, but I stand by my early declaration that it’s going to be (not regrettably) Hillary and Obama.

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