Vacation Debriefing

Just a quick note to say I’m back from vacation. You can see all my pics on my flickr account (not many, I know).

Basically, New Orleans was pretty awesome. I had a lot of time to myself while Elaine was at her stroke conference. Mostly in the French Quarter since that was most walkable.

There were a ton of museums (contemporary art, Southern art, Civil War, World War II, a pharmacy one). I went to a bunch of art galleries too, discovering a neat semi-local artist Marcel Flisiuk. Though I was too cheap to buy one of his paintings, I was sorely tempted.

I also went to a casino for the first time. The Harrah’s across from the hotel was just too tempting. Lost all my $20 on expensive slots real quick. Ate crawfish, jumbalaya, gumbo, crab, cala cakes, beignets, Popeye’s. Whoops.

Bourbon street was fun. It’s basically the “after-hours” street that only comes alive after 10, and triply-so on the weekend. Lots of cabarets, bars, beads, hot-dog stands, and drunks. New Orleans has a liberal drinking policy that allows you to carry around alcohol, as long as it isn’t in a glass container. So you ask for a ‘go-cup’ as you leave a place and they’ll dump your drink into a plastic cup.

Since the French Quarter was not the worst hit by Katrina and very touristy, the recovery was pretty far along. Still, there were lots of ‘For Sale/Rent’ signs up.

All in all, very pretty, very temperate, very fun.

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