The Final Dinner Solution

Elaine and I have stumbled across a favorite dinner. It’s simple to buy, make, and consume. It’s vegan, cheap, and can vary to suit tastes.

Basically, it’s just rice, beans, and a veggie. I know it sounds simple, but it comes together well. For the two of us, we cook a cup of rice, one can of black beans, and a stalk of broccoli. Changing the kind of bean or using a different green gives some variety.

To prepare, chop up the broccoli and cook the rice. While that’s cooking, put the broccoli in a buttered pan. Pour a little water over the broccoli (for steam) and cover the pan. Heat on medium for a bit (until ’emerald’). Then move the broccoli to one side in the pan, pour the beans in, and move the pan so the beans are in the center of the flame. When the beans start bubbling, take everything down and eat.

2 thoughts on “The Final Dinner Solution”

  1. I practically lived on rice and beans and vegie wraps during the year or two I spent going the vegetarian route. I’m personally fond of Goya canned black beans. You need to really rinse them because they’re packed in a whole load of sodium, but after that they’re flavorful and well cooked right out of the can.

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with cheap meal solutions and I’ve found two that I really enjoy. First being ramen, simple enough. Maruchan preferably, mushroom flavor being my favorite. Again there’s the sodium issue. I’ll cook two package, use just enough water to submerge a single brick of noodles, but put both flavor packets in there. Cook them one at a time, then I’ll chop up some vegies and boil them in the seasoned broth briefly… usually I’ll use a good sized mushroom and some corn or peas. Then I’ll scoop out the vegies and a very little bit of the broth, that way you get the flavor but most of the sodium remains in the broth, which I’ll usually dump. Also I’ve been doing whole wheat pasta, seasoned ground turkey, and a small jar of pesto, which is enough for a couple day’s worth of meals for like $5.

    With my schedule, it’s more convenient to eat out, but it’s way too expensive these days.

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