C Is for Cooking

Elaine put Julia Child in our Netflix queue.

I have a great idea for a new cooking show. Every episode would have a new guest co-host. This co-host would help cook the day’s item and invariably be murdered by the host.

Think of it! The kitchen is a very dangerous place. Knives, flames, salmonella. Plenty of ways for the creative. Initially, it would be a bit of a shock, but the audience would learn to look for it.

The host could leave little clues for the audience or fake them out. A slow, post-production death would be acceptable (as in the case of salmonella), as long as the audience got to see it.

Eventually, the co-hosts could start to catch on and fight back. Maybe refuse to eat things or never turn their backs. Eventually start insisting that the host taste first. Maybe go for the knife first. Sort of a Battle Royale feel.

The host would never explain it. It was just something he/she did. “And then we spread a half cup of cheese, oh whoops a knife in the back.” “And now we add some iocane, uh, I mean iodine powder.”

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