Dominick the Donkey

Man, I hate this song. The radio station that kicks in when the morning alarm trips has a habit of playing it.

I thought it was a new thing that the radio station invented, it was so god-awful. Something they came up with on a shoe-string budget. Something crafted to grab your attention long enough for you to reach the radio, but that would cut out right before you could reach the power button.

Then I heard it in a store. Looking it up on Wikipedia suggests that it’s been around since 1960, and that Rachael Ray put it on her Christmas album (natch). Sigh.

One thought on “Dominick the Donkey”

  1. That is the worst! I hate it when the radio usually plays the same song over and over again early in the mornings! It gets pretty annoying and you will usually end up hating that song. I just go with my cell phone alarm so that way I can hate it but never hear it except in the morning.

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