UDS Debriefing

Phew, I meant to write this a million years ago.

I went to UDS Jaunty, got the shirt, came back. It was at the Googleplex, but seemingly the backwater part of it. The food wasn’t amazing, and we weren’t allowed to really wander around. So it was just a bunch of conference rooms. With weird cameras that would move by themselves and that you couldn’t turn off.

And Mountain View, California is no Prague. There wasn’t much nightlife, and you needed a car to get anywhere. So the locale as a whole was disappointing. Next time, let’s do New Orleans!

It was neat to see how forward-thinking most of the sessions were. I felt like it was more about planning for Jaunty+1 than Jaunty. Really long-term views, with an eye towards what first steps can be done by Jaunty.

I attended the Jaunty Backup session. You can even see the videos from the session, although no one was moving the camera around as people spoke, so I’m perpetually off stage right.

The session was inconclusive, and I fear I spent too much of its time talking about Déjà Dup, but I was there to evangalize I guess. I haven’t heard back, and the spec writeup seems like it’s willing to wait until Jaunty+1, as none of the current solutions are ideal.

Which is good. Throwing Déjà Dup together in time to meet Jaunty deadlines would have been tight. But honestly, I think it’s coming along fantastically. The recently released 5.0 is really hot, and could have served as a decent first draft for Jaunty.

Besides the backup session, I did a lot of work in our secret OEM Services room, and attended the odd session. It was fun.