A while ago, Elaine and I played Mahjong with Matt and Jessica. I was admitted to the Mahjong club by virtue of dating a Chinese lady. 😉

So I asked for a Mahjong set and mat for Christmas. And got both!

The set is very interesting. I really like it, but it confused both Elaine and Matt. It’s a black set, with Chinese characters only. That is, it’s not for Whities (you need to know Chinese digits — which is good! I specifically wanted this, as I didn’t sit there on Wikipedia memorizing them for nothing). But black is an unlucky color to True Chinese.

So I’m not sure of the intended audience. But it looks nice and I’m looking forward to play with it. Thanks for it. CL, and for the mat, ST!

Matt and Jessica, Ben and Jen, Dave and Meg, or any other friends that may be interested (it’s not a team game, you don’t need to come as a pair), I’d be interested in playing/teaching it. A bit of time spent on Wikipedia will tell you all you need to know. Look over the Chinese characters, and ignore most of the optional rules that Wikipedia is at pains to enumerate. It’s basically a bigger form of Gin Rummy. Maybe tomorrow, while it snows all around us?

Update: I only specifically mentioned those couples because they earlier expressed interest. Anyone is welcome!