Unity Games

Elaine and I recently went to Unity Games, at Ben’s suggestion. It was way more awesome than I had thought it would be.

You pay $15 at the door (or $12.50 ahead) and you go into this giant hotel ballroom. There’s the standard quick-set-up tables in rows with geeks sitting in them, but along the wall are all these card tables with stacks and stacks of obscure board games.

Each stack seemed to be brought by a different participant and you just borrowed a game, played it, and then returned it to the same stack. It was a very great way to play new games, and the people there were nice.

Notably, we found two new awesome games, and one particular stinker:

This game is a great little card game. You and the other players each try to build your own deck of cards, containing a mix of money, victory, and action cards. You draw from your own built deck, so choose your ratios wisely. Whoever ends with the most victory cards wins. Unfortunately, it’s only for 2-4 players, but we played it with 5 once, and it didn’t explode. By playing with a different set of available action cards each game, you get pretty good replayability.
Robo Rally
Yes, this game is as old as dirt, but it was the first time I played it. I bought it later, I liked it so much. You play a robot in a factory trying to reach various flags before the other robots do. But the catch is that you submit move instructions to the robot at the same time as everyone else. When they get executed simultaneously, hilarity often ensues. The various maps, with their extra challenges and team play, add a lot of replayability. Plus, you can play with 2-8 players, which is a nice range.
Timber Tom
This game looked really neat, with a crazy three-dimensional board and little figurines, but we ended up voting No Confidence within 15 minutes. It was just too much work for not enough fun.

Unity Games happens every 6 months. I’d recommend it!