I am usually as leery of Valentine’s as I am of Christmas. But I’m not immune.

So I wanted to give a shout out not only to my romantic interest (hi, Elaine!), but to my platonic loves as well.

Friends of mine, you are awesome. I am blessed by a wonderful circle of friends with whom I can be the analytical jerk that I am without censure. And for whom, I would totally punch a dude or engage in petty theft, if asked. Please don’t ask.

Family members, you also rock, but in a less immediate sense. You usually rock from afar, but are always supportive of my various life efforts, always willing to throw down in a game of Pinochle or a marathon of Lord of the Rings, and always willing to pick me up from Boston and then feed me.

I love you guys and gals.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s”

  1. You may have my stamps if you so choose. You have only to ask. Obviously we love you too, Mike.

  2. Oh, wait, those stamps? No, you can’t have those, you’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands.

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