Dogtail and LDTP

So I was looking into an automated test framework for Déjà Dup and naturally, I tried the current contenders: Dogtail and LDTP.

I have to say, I liked Dogtail’s Python interface more, but it kept crashing my at-spi daemon, meaning I had to log out and log back in again. That was enough to keep me disinterested.

So I tried LDTP. It was just fine in terms of robustness (modulo a bug with its UTF-8 support). So I’ve been cooking up a kick-ass test suite framework for Déjà Dup.

The one big problem is that GtkAssistant accessibility support seems broken. It just doesn’t expose the widgets correctly. Which means I can’t automate much of Déjà Dup. Does anyone know atk well? Please fix my bug. 🙂