Back from Chicago

I’m back from my week-long vacation to the windy city. It was very pleasant.

(A good measure of any vacation is how many bolobaau one eats. I ate… Let me see… 18? In other news, I’m fat now.)

Along the way, we stopped at the Niagara Falls. The contrast between the American side and the Canadian side of the falls was interesting. Not so much because of the falls (although the Canadian side did have a better view), but because of the surrounding cities.

The American side was like a ghost town. Only the casino, hotel, and about 10 Indian buffets were open. The rest of the town was all closed. Not much activity. In contrast, we later went over to the Canadian side (a quick jaunty to Toronto for a crazy good sushi tasting menu). It was hopping, with a ferris wheel thingy, two casinos, plenty of restaurants and lots of people walking around. ::shrug::

Another thing I liked about the trip was seeing that Chicago calls its ‘greater Chicago area’ Chicagoland. And the ‘greater Chicago area to the south’ is Chicago Southland. I love it. I’m going to start saying Bostonland.

So much driving (we rented a car to make the trip)! Elaine and I have done several road trips before, but this was our first time with audiobooks (usually I just make some music mix). Audiobooks were a huge win. It is so much easier to stay focused on a long driving slog when paying attention to a story. Made the time fly by.

4 thoughts on “Back from Chicago”

  1. I’ve heard that the disparity between the American and Canadian sides is caused by the disparity between the American dollar and Canadian dollar, i.e. things are cheaper over on that side.

    Interestingly, late last year, the Canadian dollar caught up to (and surpassed) the American dollar for a short while, and the American side started seeing more business. Looks like things are more typical these days (an American dollar will get you $1.23 in Canada as of today).

  2. A cheaper alternative to audio-books are various literature podcasts. You have to be careful to find the right ones, or poor audio quality will make car-listening impossible. I usually go with Escape-Pod (sci-fi), Pseudo-Pod (horror), and Pod-Castle (fantasy). All three are short-story format, so if you find one that you don’t like, you can just skip to the next episode without missing any piece of a story arc. Lauren and I don’t go on road trips any more without twenty or so hours on our iPods, and that would cost a fortune if we went the audio book route.

  3. Pfft, I get ’em from the library, so they’re free, but you’re right, for the next trip I should prep with some podcasts of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

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