Battlestar Galactica And Singularities

Two quick recommendations today!


One is Battlestar Galactica the board game. It’s very good; basically Mafia the board game.

The players (all characters from the show) are each given secret cards that say whether they’re human or cylon. Halfway through the game they’re each given another one (a ‘sleeper cylon’ flavor).

The humans’ goal is to survive (not run out of food, fuel, people, or morale) until the fleet reaches their destination. The cylons’ goal is to sap those resources and slow the fleet down.

Often the secret cylons sabotage while amongst the humans. So it makes for lots of interesting accusations and all that jazz.

The Singularity

The other recommendation is the book Accelerando by Charles Stross. I read it back when it was up for the Hugo in 2006, but I had forgotten the name until recently.

It’s about humanity reaching a singularity and is full of interesting ideas and technologies. Worth a read if like science fiction. It’s even available as a CC-licensed download, so no reason not to read it!

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