Déjà Dup Was Worth It

In the few years since I started writing Déjà Dup, I’ve never actually had to use it to recover data from a backup. But now I’m not only the maintainer, I’m also a client!

The other day I accidentally erased the hard drive of my main machine but was able to recover the good bits from my S3 backup. Yay!

In other Déjà Dup news, the new stable 16.0 was just released (available in fine distros that ship GNOME 2.32). This is mostly a bug fix release, but with one nice new feature: if you are running out of space in your backup location, it will delete older backups until there is enough space rather than just yelling at you.

5 thoughts on “Déjà Dup Was Worth It”

  1. I was delighted to find Dejadup. It looks like exactly what I need — I want to be able to establish regular, unattended backups from various Ubuntu desktops to a Windows-compatible network drive (irrespective of whether the given location is currently mounted, i.e. it should do the mount automatically (which it does seem to do)).

    This given location is a ‘windows-compatible’ network drive. I can mount it with Samba, but it does not report freespace.

    Dejadup then assures me that there’s not enough space available (though *I* know there is) and I should try someplace else.

    So at this stage of it’s development, regrettably, it’s not quite usable for me. But, I do think you’re on the right track.


  2. Just stumbled onto this post looking for a good backup app. Thanks for writing this! It looks like exactly what I need.

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