Déjà Dup in Ubuntu 11.10

So the result of the UDS session on including Déjà Dup in Ubuntu 11.10 was positive. Assuming no disasters, it will be on the CD!

I’d like to thank Canonical for sponsoring development by providing me work time to develop features and squash bugs!

I want to try to reduce the Ubuntu bug flood by really nailing things down this cycle. So I’d request that Ubuntu users try it and report bugs before the flood gates open. Especially test restoring too, as any bugs with restores are generally critical issues.

5 thoughts on “Déjà Dup in Ubuntu 11.10”

  1. Kudos for the inclusion of an easy to use backup tool for the masses – and Déjà Dup is currently one of the simplest ones around (for any platform).

    From my experience it’s a bit limited (no multiple profiles support – e.g. two different backup ‘repositories’ on two different local media) so I’ve resorted to using duplicity directly. Still, dead easy to configure for 90% of the use cases out there, and that’s usually the biggest hurdle for people to backup their data.

  2. One bug is still alive. I’ve save my data encrypted with Deja Dup on Ubuntu 11.04, but now i can’t restore them, the restored datas are not complete, but the Backup-Ordner has the right size. Only my pictures will be restored. What can i do to decrypt all my files?

  3. Hi,
    I like the idea to implement Déjà Dup in Ubuntu 11.10.

    Are there any ideas to support LTO tape with Déjà Dup?
    Especially with the new LTFS “linear tape file system” (open file system on tape, that allows to use tape as easy as a thumb drive)

    This would allow me to use Ubuntu in a more professional way.

    I have (government regulation) to archive a lot of data for a long time.
    Therefor I need to use tape (cost) but I don’t like the idea to use proprietary ISVs.
    LTO tape, LTFS, Déjà Dup and Ubuntu would be the perfect combination for me.

    – Ubuntu Lover. 😉

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