OnlyShowIn Unity

tl;dr; version: Add Unity to your OnlyShowIn keys.

This is just a PSA that I’ve been doing work in Ubuntu to support Unity’s addition to the set of registered XDG environments.

Which means that in your desktop file, you can now say OnlyShowIn=Unity; to have an application only show up or only autostart in Unity instead of KDE, GNOME, etc. (Or alternatively, use NotShowIn=Unity;)

By and large, Unity uses the same apps and services that GNOME does. So if you currently have an application that does OnlyShowIn=GNOME;, there’s a very good chance it should now be OnlyShowIn=GNOME;Unity;. You might also want to re-evaluate whether you even need OnlyShowIn.

I’ve filed a bunch of bugs against various GNOME apps and patched them in Ubuntu. But I’ve only focused on apps that Ubuntu installs by default.

2 thoughts on “OnlyShowIn Unity”

  1. What a strange comment, ofc Unity is as much Gnome, as it is not. It uses Gnome technology, uses Gnome programs and basically runs ‘on’ Gnome. But it never was and never will be Gnome.

    Unity is just a shell, exactly the same as the Gnome-Shell, but they’re most definitely not the same, how could they?

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