Howliday 2012

Woo! Another year, another Howliday.

This year, the new tradition was eating at a diner. We’d managed to do it three years in a row, so we figured it was time to lock it in.

The less you are at your own home, cooking your own dinners, the less likely the banshees can find you!

One thought on “Howliday 2012”

  1. Greetings & a Happy New Year to you too!

    I am a senior Linux novice and non-techie trying to learn the Linux ropes. I was given a 8gig flash drive installed with Mint Nadia XFCE to run anywhere and it works fine! I felt time for my first flash backup and chose Deja Dup backup. I booted my flash in a second-hand Thinkpad to via wifi SSH backup to my old Dell desktop. I created a folder “dejadup” on my Dell desktop and in the Deja Dup configuration SSH page I put server 192.168.020 and folder /C:\Documents and Settings\jimwg.CAL9000\My Documents\Desktop\dejadup. It runs, but after DejaDup lists all the flash’s files it proceeds to do the same with the Dell! Listing its every file! It went on like this over an hour before I stopped it for fear that something’s wrong. Is there? I can back up to other USB flash and USB hard drives easy as cake, but I prefer doing SSH if I can. Am I configured right?
    Any hint would be an education!
    Thank you!
    Jim in NYC

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