An Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Refresh

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about any unity8 work. Lately I’ve been updating the visual look and feel of the Ubuntu Touch lockscreen. I’m digging the new look, so I wanted to share.

Note that these have not landed or been fully reviewed. Looks may change before hitting devices.

A new lighter default background and snazzier infographic.
A proper passphrase box like on the tablet or desktop.
And use a more consistent look and feel for passcodes too.
With a custom background image, we use white infographic bubbles. (image credit)

8 thoughts on “An Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Refresh”

  1. I would love if the top-bar icons could be reduced. For example, there is no need to show the messaging icon, if there is no message. Also the battery settings could be completely moved to system-settings. The power-left-on-device could be moved to the “System” entry and be displayed on the bottom of the lock-screen too. This would free the top bar of two items.

  2. What if instead of using white for the infographic bubbles we could set a custom color? or like for the unity 7 launcher the option to have an automatic color based on the background.

  3. Uh, unfortunately not yet, robinheroldich. I’d make a new one for it, but I’ve already got several testing silos around and I don’t want to be greedy with our limited silo resources.

    Silo 23 has *some* of this. It does not have the new infographic. But if you install unity-system-compositor from it, you won’t be able to turn off the screen with the power button (it’s built for repowerd, but that got reverted).

    So in short, not really no. Sorry. :-/

  4. Hey Michael, great work, much cleaner and polished 🙂
    One thing I would like to see is the profile picture next to the user’s name, it would give a nice touch to the overall look! Do you plan to do something like that in the future?

  5. I would make a few improvements:
    1. Color options: custom or chameleonic (based on wallpaper color)
    2. User’s avatar in the password/passphrase prompt
    3. Bigger (and probably heavier) username font
    4. Hint when the fingerprint unlock is active – it might be a little fingerprint icon above the ” <> ” hint which appears on a tap.
    5. Lockscreen text (both circle and clock) should adapt its color to background – on lighter images the text should change from white to black
    6. I think currently the wallpaper is dakened a bit on a lockscreen. It definitely should not be.

  6. I ve now put my tablet into developer mode, enabling apt-get. Because with apt-get I should have full control over the machine I thought I could just install the ubuntu-desktop package, remove ubuntu-touch and have a working ubuntu desktop machine. I use the mouse very seldom, and carry a bluetooth keyboard with my tablet. I think a ubuntu-desktop on this device will work for me in the meantime.

  7. “And use a more consistent look and feel for passcodes too.”

    I wish this could be an option. I think the one-time unlocking of the phone living in its own UX world is pretty ubiquitous, with variations in terms of passcodes, swipes, etc. I find the white box and huge keypad to be jarring visually and a step backward from how the phone used to work. Interface-wise, when I’m unlocking the phone, ‘m still outside of the “world” of boxes and keypads; the unlocking of the phone doesn’t need to “tie in” to later internal metaphors and their consistency….

    Just two cents here. I really wish it could be an option.

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