I Gotta

I made a dumb web site that lets you find nearby seats if you’re tired or nearby bathrooms if you need to pee.

It’ll show nearby benches/tables/cafes or nearby public/customer bathrooms depending on which you need.

It was mostly designed to encourage that level of detail when tagging OpenStreetMap. To show that the data has some fun uses.

Anyway, it’s just a fun toy so it only supports New England, and I will rarely update its data cache. But enjoy if you happen to be in New England!

2 thoughts on “I Gotta”

  1. Michael:
    I could find no other way to contact you. So I’m posting this in the Comments, even though it doesn’t belong there. Sorry.
    May I have a few moments of your time, please?

    I have used deja-dup for over a decade, backing up my /home weekly. Recently I changed boot devices from a sata to an ssd and selected install time encryption of 16.04. I cannot find a way to unlock the external sata where the deja-dup files are. I’ve posted about it at Ubuntu’s Forums, but am emailing you for help at my post.
    Please read and advise about my post:

  2. I’ve gotta is very close to supplanting thistothat.com as my favorite website.
    I will be sharing it with everyone I know in the New England area.
    Thank you for making it.

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