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  1. hi,

    i need to be a good programmer. i am interested in developing ubuntu apps. I don’t have tutorials to learn. Can you suggest me how to develop my programming skills.

    Best Regards,

  2. I realize the synecdoche in having your former Déjà Dup named: Backup. But today, trying to figure out why a restore, which asked permission to restore files to their original locations, and was told to do so, nearly destroyed my /boot or /sda1 by populating the restore objects improperly into /boot. My albeit limited understanding of the process, gave me to believe that the restore would put the files where they had originated /home or /sda5. But I mostly write to you about the (well here I become emotionally frustrated) name: Backup. In your expertise in this matter, you may know what keywords to add to “backup” to solve the problem; but after several hours of netsearching, I have nothing useful, and am forced to go to the Ubuntu Forum and ask for help. I beg you to consider any other name: UbuntuBaK, BackBuntu or the like.

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